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    The DATA DUPLICATION VILLAGE is back for DEF CON 26 and will be better than ever!

    2017 went smoothly with more data replicated than any prior year. We also compiled an analysis of all the drives we received and tracked failures (see the DefCon 25 Briefing at for more).

    This year, we're working on expanding the village to include an area for talks and an open discussions on Drive duplication, forensics, backups, data recovery, and other related topics. We've already dropped our call for presentations. Submission deadline is June 1st so get cracking! More here:

    Also, we've updated our Twitter Handle to just @DDV_DC so don't freak out if it looks a bit different.


    The Data Duplication village is where large amounts of data (curated by Dark Tangent) is shared with the community. This included conference talks, videos, rainbow tables, files, and more. We provide the drive duplicators as well as options to choose from for the data content. Bring your 6TB SATA3 drives, and submit them in the queue for the data you want. Come back in 14-24 hours to pick up your data-packed drive. Drive replication is on a a first come, first served and we duplicate 'till we drop. Space allowing, the last drop-offs will be no later than Saturday afternoon and the last drives will run overnight for the final Sunday morning pickups.

    - 6TB SATA3 drive(s) - If you want a full copy of everything you will need three. Be aware that we clear Vegas of 6TB drives every year so plan ahead!

    We're still finalizing the DC26 content but in general, you'll have the following available...
    - 6TB drive 1-3: All past hacking convention videos that DT can find - and he's added a LOT for this year.
    - 6TB drive 2-3: hash tables (1-2)
    - 6TB drive 3-3: GSM A5/1 hash tables plus remaining data (2-2)

    Duplicating a 6TB (About 5.46 usable) drive at an average of 120 Megabytes a second comes out to just under 14 hours per drive. With about 16 duplicators doing about 95 drives concurrently, we expect push about 11GB per second out to the drives to try to meet demand. We did 420 drives for DC25 and pushed about 2.5 PB out the door.

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    Just a quick update on this year's DDV: Presentations are in and acceptance/rejection notifications are going out! We should have our talk schedule locked down in about a week.