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DC16: Official and Unofficial Events and Contests

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Want to try your hand with digital art for Defcon?
Topics: 6 Posts: 19
6 19
DEFCON 16 Artwork Contest Winners!
by neil
The DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest awards the top 3 most ingenious, obscure, mischievous, obscene, or technologically astounding badge modifications created over the weekend.
Topics: 4 Posts: 4
4 4
This contest was first held at Defcon 13. What is being planned for this year? More inside. (site)
Topics: 4 Posts: 16
Last Post: DC16 BCCC results
4 16
Deviant Ollam
DC16 BCCC results
Black & White Ball -- Subforum for discussion of B&W Ball related items, that includes DJ action, music, etc.
Topics: 13 Posts: 176
13 176
The Krisz Klink Relief Fund
This is a new Contest. More information coming soon.
Topics: 4 Posts: 39
4 39
Buzzword Survivor on YouTube
Information is everywhere. Solve the puzzles, solve the mystery.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
Last Post: is this still on?
1 1
is this still on?
Coffee Wars - Test your blend. (
Topics: 3 Posts: 12
Last Post: Coffee Wars IX
3 12
Coffee Wars IX
by shrdlu
Everyone knows Capture The Flag! You don't? People apply skills in OS/Applications and protocols to gain access and score points. (site)
Topics: 5 Posts: 19
Last Post: Post ctf wrap up
5 19
Post ctf wrap up
Davix workshop provides attendees a hands-on introduction to DAVIX: (site.)
Topics: 2 Posts: 12
2 12
Las Vegas, targets, people, weapons, fun. (site.)
Topics: 15 Posts: 171
15 171
Transportation Discussion
Planning, Discussion, Q&A and Status for the Defcon Robot Contest. More information at
Topics: 9 Posts: 34
9 34
The EEE PC Mod is a new event for Defcon 15.
Topics: 4 Posts: 89
4 89
Imagine yourself on a grassy knoll? in a book depository? in a squirt gun fight with 5 years olds? Check it out. Shoot and donate to the EFF at the same time.
Topics: 1 Posts: 15
1 15
EFF Firearms Training Simulator
by C-Rex
An informal gathering of people on the forums at Defcon.
Topics: 3 Posts: 53
3 53
Things You May Want To Know:
"It's another year for shredding and rocking! Guitar Hero 3 will bring new meaning to the term 'Groupie'!
Topics: 5 Posts: 24
5 24
Need help locating Duran...
Get the answer, provide the questions. Score the most points, and you win!
Topics: 7 Posts: 20
7 20
Just as the name implies, this is a forum for discussion of the new Hardware Hacking Village.
Topics: 11 Posts: 191
11 191
Ideas for next year?
LeetSkills Talent Competition 2008: A talent show to allow attendees to showcase their “Leet Skills” and show off a hidden talent. We expect to limit acts to approximately 5 minutes in duration and expect the whole talent show to last approximately 60 minutes, or 1 hour. (site.)
Topics: 10 Posts: 39
Last Post: Cancelled
10 39
by DotNM
This is the Lockpicking Contest at Defcon. This is a contest run by Deviant and TOOOL-USA. This includes: Points Competition, Lock Field Stripping, Speed Picking Competition, Gringo Warrior, and more!
Topics: 4 Posts: 38
4 38
Gringo Warrior contest results
by valanx
This is a subforum dedicated to discussion and planning of the Defcon Lockpicking Village. This is where there have been lockpicking, presentations, impromptu peer-education, sample tools, practice locks, and fun! This event made possible with support from TOOOL, LI, and many others.
Topics: 5 Posts: 41
5 41
The LosT@Con Mystery Challenge returns to Defcon - will you complete the challenge? (site.)
Topics: 25 Posts: 202
25 202
Check out the first ever Mobile Hacker Space, which will be parked in the outside chill out area during the convention and comment about it here.
Topics: 1 Posts: 5
Last Post: MHS GrendelVan
1 5
MHS GrendelVan
by Grendel
Subforum about: Movies presented at Defcon, with Dark Tangent
Topics: 7 Posts: 84
7 84
Hackers Are People Too - Update!
by Rover
Not to be confused with the original Capture the Flag (CTF), OCTF is organized by DC949/Orange County to be played openly by people at Defcon. (Formerly known as the aCTF or "amateur Capture the Flag.")
Topics: 9 Posts: 40
Last Post: oCTF
9 40
The last box(en) standing, unowned, wins. (site.)
Topics: 10 Posts: 70
10 70
the inaugural old-skool/new school phreaking challenge
Topics: 3 Posts: 4
3 4
It's pretty much official!
by russ
Open to everyone, but goaled to including GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered) Hackers at Defcon-- its a party within Defcon! (site)
Topics: 5 Posts: 10
Last Post: Queercon wrap-up
5 10
Deviant Ollam
Queercon wrap-up
Modify malicious code to bypass malware and antiviral scanners, with increasing rounds of difficulty.(site.)
Topics: 5 Posts: 23
Last Post: Contest Winners
5 23
Contest Winners
by bogan
Discussions for The DefCon Scavenger Hunt. (site)
Topics: 1 Posts: 4
Last Post: Volunteering
1 4
Defcon SkyTalks: Old-style, intimate talks about interesting stuff. Reservations required. Opportunity for discussion is available here.
Topics: 1 Posts: 6
1 6
It is like a contest for a new Defcon Slogan! Actually, it is not like this contest, it IS this contest. (site.)
Topics: 1 Posts: 3
Last Post: DC16 Slogan Contest
1 3
DC16 Slogan Contest
The one and only Defcon "Spot the Fed" Contest
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
The Summit is a Vegas 2.0 Fundraiser for EFF & THF (Date during/around Defcon TBA) (site.)
Topics: 2 Posts: 18
2 18
Planning and organization for SushiCon at Defcon 14
Topics: 2 Posts: 20
2 20
Sushicon 4.0 Information
TCP/IP Drinking Contest. This is a contest where people drink, and talk about TCP/IP -- sometimes as a result of talking about TCP or IP. For cases where sometimes = all of the time.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
TCP/IP Drinking Game
by neil
Where planning and discussion about the Toxic BBQ Event takes place. (
Topics: 15 Posts: 190
15 190
WarBallooning: Airborne Surveillance & 802.11 network stumbling platform. What goes up will find your access points.
Topics: 1 Posts: 14
Last Post: WarBallooning
1 14
by Ugly
The wireless contest (formerly The Wardriving contest, but has grown to include much more) is coming back again for another year of competition.
Topics: 1 Posts: 9
1 9
The Church of WiFi excitedly presents the Defcon 15 Wireless Village. Topics could include but have no limitation: 802.11x, 802.16, Bluetooth, IR, CDMA, GPRS, Amateur Radio... think it, do it! The sub-con will be home of amazingly super-krad breakouts, demos, contests, and the finest invisible hand-on activities folks can dream up between now and August.
Topics: 7 Posts: 122
7 122
I'm Official - THANKS!!
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