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  • \\\ Title : Emergency || Difficult is set to : Insane == (the Blackout), Location == (worldwide) ///
    I will tell you a story. Maybe you will be surprised about my opinion. Of course not about the thing that I'm gonna tell you a story, I think you expect that.
    But "in the...
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  • Title: The Magpies and the Cuckoos: A Disinformation Fable

    Author: J. Zhanna Malekos Smith (Defense One 2019)

    Context for fictional story:

    In 2018 the New York Times explored a case study in disinformation: the Soviet Union’s 1983 effort to spread lies about...
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  • Prints
    By: Tyler Rosonke (@ZonkSec)

    PJ sits low and huddling in the dark corner of a tiny, rundown, and empty room. Head in hands, he rocks to and fro. Everything around him is a grayscale black and white, like a scene from an old movie. There is a banging at the door.
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  • DEFCON Safe Mode Short Story
    TITLE: Plug and Play
    AUTHOR: 247arjun

    Elina was an adrenaline junkie. She was most happy when hurtling towards the earth’s surface, zen when scuba diving, and at peace when not at rest. She attributed a large part of her nature to...
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  • Low Earth, Long Distance
    By: Juneau

    “That’s right, I can’t believe it’s been twenty-nine days since I arrived at the “BioStation!” The girl grinned at the ring-lit camera in her hand. She spun around in her office chair; eyes never leaving the screen. “This is seriously...
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  • 4 1/2 acres of freedom
    by D

    THUNK. "Motherfucker..." After six months of sleeping in this damn rack, you'd think he'd have gotten used to the cramped bunk enough to have kicked the reflex of sitting straight up at the sound of his alarm, but AB1 Johnson was a slow learner....
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  • FOXX
    started a topic Stories


    Anecdote of Ren making it rain in Cyber Lab
    by officialcjunior

    Ren knew what his car looked like and probably had his car license number clearly up in his photographic memory, so he had no trouble in finding Benji's car from the parking lot.

    The clock would tick past...
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  • We have one, currently, a story called "The Magpies and the Cuckoos: A Disinformation Fable!"
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