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  • telco88
    promoting the CON

    I just redid my domain in PHP NUKE and I cant think of a better banner or button to test my BANNER ADMIN module with

    Lemme know as soon as they are available and I will put one up!

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  • noid
    started a topic Defcon Buttons and Banners

    Defcon Buttons and Banners

    Okee, DT wants to do up some official Defcon web buttons and banners so we can begin doing link exchanges. I know, finaly. Well, I've already done up a button for Defcon, but it would be nice to have a few for people to choose from. So, if you are artisticly inclined, want to help, and have too much time on your hands, feel free to bust out a button or banner and give it a mail to me, .
    I'll pick the best ones and make them available on the site.

    - noid