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  • When can we start booking?

    Hey guys
    i was wondering when we could start booking the hotel rooms at the Alexis Park if there are any rooms available. If we can book do we get a defcon discount because the convetion is being held there?

    Myself and my cousin are flying in from Canada so we wanna start getting this planned, and since we've never been to vegas we'd like to keep close to the convention so we don't end up getting lost and having to whore our selves off with the vegas floosies for a place to stay from night to night.

    Cost isn't much of an issue, we've been planning this for a while.

    Thanks guys,

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    Alexis Park has been accepting reservations for quite some time. It is recommended that you make your reservations as soon as possible. A credit card is required. Yes, a special defcon rate is available. I believe the Alexis Park still has some space.


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      I called the Alexis Park. Rooms are still available, although I would hurry and reserve a room. The fact that there are a few left this late in the year is quite a surprise to me actually.

      The number for reservations is 1-800-582-2228. You can also go to for a peek at the rooms and grounds. But don't go looking for room availability on there, it will show the hotel as sold out since it technically is. Sold Out to the general public, not to con attendees.
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        If I have a room at the Alexis Park hotel, will there be a LAN war at night? i heard a rumor that they have done this in the past.
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          i am planning to fly in from germany. just about to plan the trip so i was looking at alexis park web site for some pricing info ...

          is a normal room like $150 per night ? or am i mistakenly trying to book a suite here ?! ;)

          is there any kind of room sharing planning goin on !?




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            Checkout I think they have a roomsharing message board.



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              LAN war?

              There are tons of hacker wars going on during DC. Most of them just hang out in the CTF area... but that's not limited to just the evenings, it's pretty much all the time.