I woke up this past Sunday morning to find my internet up but I wasn't getting any mail. Well after a little bit of testing I discovered Comcast had blocked port 25 on my residential high speed account. I run/ran servers on my residential account which is a violation of my TOS. I called them to see what was up and they confirmed that yes they had blocked port 25 and that a lot of ISP's were doing it. Well it's nice to be trendy I really didn't think it was very cool and wanted the gory details of why. The tier 1 person I spoke with was basically clueless and told me she didn't understand and transfered me to Comcast's security and criminal division.

I got a very anal retentive security person on the phone who basically told me I was a bad person for running servers and letting SPAM come from them and that I was in violation of my TOS. Well considering all my mail goes through my alternate port SMTP service through noip.com I thought this was strange to say the least. Inquiring further I was told that if even one piece of SPAM is sent from my account that they have every right to block me forever. He also told me that I was also a bad person because I was running web, ftp, and other servers to and that I had to be punished. I'm paraphrasing here in attempt to laugh off my misfortune.

I told him that I would be more than happy to get a business class account but Comcast won't give it to me because I was a residential high speed user, with residential TV service. He then told me and too my surprise that things had changed at Comcast and that they were now allowing mixed accounts and gave me their business services number.

So I called them and what do you know it's true. Apparently there has been a change of heart or mind set at Comcast. They are now allowing people with residential service to obtain "unrestricted" business class high speed accounts without changing their residential TV service. These business class accounts are the same amount of money as the residential ones, and you are allowed to host whatever you "pretty much" want within reason. They will also provide the much desired reverse lookups for your domain name along with 5 to 13 static WAN IP's. I'm getting an 8x1 line for $89.95/month 2 year contract(the only thing I don't like but you can transfer it to another address as long as Comcast can service it). For the same ADSL2 8x1 is like $149.00/month. When this major shift happened I'm not sure. I remember that I couldn't even get a return phone call from the business department when I told them I was a residential user not too long ago. I will keep people posted on this and how the service is.

Though I will miss being public enemy #1 and it will hurt my bad boy image I think I can live with it; though the women won't look at me the same way. :-)

Brian Vagnoni

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