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    Re: Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

    Originally posted by facon12 View Post
    Im taking the Network+ in about a month and although i havent really studied for it I definitley see a bigger focus on security in it, according to Comptia 11% of the exam is Network Security. Also just curious but is the CCSP at all valuble, im sure its specific to what you are doing but i dont know how respected it is.
    CISSP is management focused, CCSP is operationally focused. As far as certifications go, both are relevant to many companies. I have both.


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      Re: Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

      Originally posted by Deviant Ollam View Post
      Has anyone else recently received an invite to "Hacker Halted"... some retarded conference in Miami from the CEH crew? I don't know how they got my email address, and their message has so many fake URLs and such that Thunderbird thought it was a scam message. (All URLs are wrapped through RS6 Email Marketing Solutions)

      God, i totally wonder if it would be possible to Outerzone these people and host our own con with loads of big names in the industry at a hotel across the street or something where we just Bar Con the whole time.
      I have been getting their e-mails and notes from their "Senior Marketing Executive" about sponsoring their event. I'm sorry if your sponsorship mails addresses you the same way I get Nigerian 419 mail...

      Greetings and I trust this mail finds you well.

      The purpose of me writing is to explore various mutually beneficial partnership opportunities with your end.

      ...and doesn't list the dates of the conference anywhere in the e-mail, then there is something really wrong here.

      Even looking at their website has me confused when the conference is, the graphics say September 20-25, the text on the site says September 20-24, hell I'm curious where they had the website done, one of the tabs on the main page says Live Trainings.

      I have no clue from their webpage where this is being held at besides Miami Florida, there is nothing on the mainpage suggesting its being held anywhere but maybe one of Miami's many excellent beaches, you have to really dig around for that information, it might be held at the Miami Hilton Downtown from looking at the floorplan for Exhibitors in the .pdf

      So, Bar Con! lists the Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay as a half star better, $30 cheaper than the lowest average daily rate ($20 cheaper than Hacker Halted's special rate) and 0.1 miles from the Miami Hilton Downtown, but a down economy, don't expect to see me down there in September.
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        Re: Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

        Yes please do not take the exam, I bought some cheap study supplies for ceh in Thailand (thank god), bear in mind that the material itself is the exact same as the software sold in the U.S just at overseas pricing(it wasn't pirated just priced accordingly, the pirated versions of the cds have audio less tutorials and are missing most of the files). It's not that the subject matter is not worth studying, its more that the official cd's I received contained so much illegal content (the tutorials cover stuff like shell scripts and vulnerability scanning, whereas the cds contain hundreds of files for producing every bot, batch virus generator, generic trojan generation kit, tools for pirating software from major companies... including financial firms which makes no sense). Where in a legitimet penetration test would you need to assemble one of 20 bots and use it to orchestrate a ddos attack? For the bot to have any power you would have to be using it the way it is meant to be used.... illegally. Even though I studied for that test, I am going to go down the ccna route, this is after speaking with several of my professors who have all held positions with software firms in the past and stated that "I should either just go in as a free lance uncertified hacker and allow my skills to speak for themselves (assuming I was talented enough and the firm had the capabilities to deal with this type of hire) or get a certification that did not include the word hacker". The first statment caught me as strange esp since the prof was an ex microsoft employee who said that the company did have protocols for the situation and that the protocols did not entail a formal certification of any sort. Anyways I am young and manage to use what skills I have (I use this word lightly) and make money doing free lance stuff while going to school and hopefully grabbing a cert or two soon (need to schedule testing). Sincerely do not take the test, the unanimous response was that it was either not recognized or regarded as shady by "white-gloved" institutions.
        Good Luck with everything.
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          Hi, I don't want to start a new thread.. is CISA certificate any goodin real world? it cost a LOT of money to get it, so it better be good.. They say it's accepted all across the EU, but what about the US? they also require like 5 years of experience before applying to certificate, how am I supposed to get the experience when I want to get ccertificate to get a job in the first place.. thanx for answers..
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