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  • Field stripping contest

    This seemed to go over pretty well last year, and I'm sure I could round up a couple of new prizes for the finalists if anyone is interested.

    If there's some support I'll start keeping an eye out for lock lots (my own collection hasn't quite recovered from the DEFCON/Sneek events last year) to use in the contest.

    Anyway, just wondering if there is interest & opinions on whether this should take place in the village as it did last year (got a little cramped & we had to finish it in the hallway, but I think it still went pretty well) or should be in an actual contest space.


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    Re: Field stripping contest

    I loved this contest last time. It was quick, easy, had low overhead, was simple to participate but required real skill to triumph... A+ all around. (and you get extra bonus points for using the cardboard innards as disassembly trays. found materials for the win!)

    Hope to see this contest again.
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      Re: Field stripping contest

      I happen to have *lots* of locks from MysteryChallenges in the past (prototype builds, etc)- If interested in these let me know...



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        Re: Field stripping contest

        This was definitely fun to watch. I say bring it back.
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          Re: Field stripping contest

          Alright, I'll definitely plan to do it again. I'm not planning much else for my trip out this time, so I should be able to get this better organized that it was last time. (Thanks to everyone standing around the table for helping get it set up.) Sorry I disappeared, I'm around and will be in Vegas, just busy with offline crap.

          LosT - I may well take you up on that - I'm in the process of moving right now, but after I get my collection moved in and organized I'll tell you where I'm at with my lock supplies. Thanks for the offer.