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    I was looking around tonight and I am saddened by the loss of some of the old skool sites out there.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of or has any mirrors of sites like l0pht, Materva's Hideout, Silicon Toads Hacking Resource, Tapu's Crack and Hack Links, some old stuff like that.

    Even old 2600 or DefCon pages would be kool. I looked on but it's very limited as far as old college accounts which is what most of these sites were hosted on, plus it doesn't let you mirror the site yourself. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to see some of this stuff live on. Kind of like for webpages. Call me crazy.
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    I'll add one to that list...

    Panik's site. I think it used to be on, but may be wrong.


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      i miss the original "7th Sphere" web site. it was more than the IRC script.

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