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  • theSummit - Call for Featured Guests

    Once again the Vegas 2.0 group will be holding theSummit, a fund raiser designed to support both the EFF and The Hacker Foundation. Last year we raised over $6,000 with your help! this year we hope to break the $10,000 mark!

    Currently we are looking for "Featured Guests" to lend their names (and presents) for theSummit. If selected, you will receive free entry for you and one (1) guest (plus lots of booze). In turn, we get to pimp out your name as a featured attendee.


    If you are a current or past Defcon and/or Blackhat presenter, published a security related book, active representative of the security community in press or run a MAJOR security blog site you qualify!

    Why should I sign up?

    Great questions! Below is a breakdown of WHY theSummit has been a great fund raising success because of people like you:

    * BlackHat has 5000+ attendees each year
    * Defcon has 8000+ attendees
    * Combined they have 300+ presenters


    1.) Attendees want to pick the minds of above mentioned security professionals
    2.) It can be difficult to find these people with all the events, parties, press junkets, etc.
    3.) theSummit puts all the big thinkers in the security world in ONE PLACE for 4+ hours
    4.) Attendees donate money as their "Entry Fee" to theSummit event
    5.) Attendees get direct access, in small venue, to YOU the Featured Guests
    6.) EFF and THF reap the benefits from event.

    Everyone win! So Sign Up today!

    Contact Information:

    Either PM me here on forums or send an email to my gmail address (same as forums user name)
    "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"

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    Re: theSummit - Call for Featured Guests

    DUAL CORE AND JACKALOPE among others will be at the Summit....
    DJ Jackalope
    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

    send in the drop bears!