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  • Artwork Contest Questions/Comments

    Feel free to use this thread to inquire about or discuss the DC16 Artwork Contest.

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    A Group Community Effort

    Hey all... so something i found recently made me fall in love with the idea of submitting something to the artwork contest, but i think my solo talents can only carry the idea so far. What i would like to do is show the forums community here what I've come up with and then let it grow and develop in an open-source sort of way, with individuals contributing their ideas and suggestions in any fashion they like. In the end, if what we make winds up being one of the winners, then we can all share the recognition simply as "the DefCon forums crew" or something.

    As for the prizes... well, i think we always attend DefCon no matter what so the free invite really doesn't do too too much, but if someone is really desperate they can use it i suppose. And the money, well, whatever we may take away i'll match out of pocket and put it all towards free beers for any contributor.

    The Inspiration

    When Lopey and I were down at ShakaCon last week one of the things we didn't want to miss was the opportunity to see Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona memorial. Among the many items I saw and picked up in the gift shop were packs of WWII propaganda material postcards. One immediately caught my eye as being very susceptible to some fun photoshopping...

    ... now tell me that this doesn't lend itself almost perfectly to converting that depth charge into a beer keg, eh? I scanned this poster in at super-high resolution and eventhough the source material was somewhat small, it would blow up to poster-size without any difficulty, i think.

    The Remix

    I played with a few ideas regarding how this could be turned around and remixed. Here's the current product of my work...

    ... whether that suffices as a proper con poster remains to be seen, but i wouldn't be surprised if noid and his crew want to print up some of their own unofficial copies for display in the operations room, etc. hah.

    Your Task

    Here's where the rest of you come in. Take what i've laid down and use it as a foundation in any way you like. I've put together a zip file of the super-high res version of this image along with all the fonts i've been using. You can download that here. (it's pretty large... about 130 megs)

    Fire up your favorite image editor and go to town. (Of particular interest to me is whether or not anyone can make the head of that keg more "poster-ish" than i did. I took that from a photo of an upright keg, so the fact that I was able to get it as far along as I did satisfied me to a good degree... but still, a bit more tweaking from a real graphic arts rockstar would be great.)

    Alternately, if you're not into the whole Photoshop scene (or you simply don't have the skills or the expensive software) you can just post here in this thread with ideas about content, graphics, or better slogans and text that could be used.

    This doesn't just have to be a goon-specific poster, that was simply the first thing that came to mind when i started fiddling with this in the last hour.

    So let's hear your suggestions and see your own edits. Post thumbnails of anything you come up with here in the thread and in the end we'll submit a final version to Neil.

    Who's with me?
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      Re: A Group Community Effort

      Originally posted by Deviant Ollam View Post
      Hey all... so something i found recently made me fall in love with the idea of submitting something to the artwork contest, but i think my solo talents can only carry the idea so far.
      I like it hun, don't sell yourself short. Submit this! Good thinking hot stuff!

      I was gonna say something about the font, but it looks great, I didn't look close enough first time., my bad.
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