You thought you were safe.

Firewalls. Default deny ingress and egress rules with PF and modulate-state. IPS. NX. ASLR. Full packet logging with tshark. *.debug to a remote syslog. Suhosin. Mod_Profiler. Chroots. VMs. Weird little trap doors you wrote yourself, WORM drives, solid state cryptosystems on custom hardware and red and blue LANs.

But somehow, somewhere, something went wrong.

OwnTheBox @ DC16 is on.

Defenders, stand up and be counted. This is it, a once in a lifetime^H^H^H^H^Hyear chance to put your kung fu to the test, on the most hostile network in the world.

There will be a protocol. You will implement it in an extremely hostile environment.

The rules will change. The pressure will mount. Eventually, only one will survive.

OwnTheBox drops. June 1, '08. You have been warned.