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[Defcon 16] Welcome to the DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest

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  • Re: Welcome to the DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest

    Originally posted by LosT View Post
    The numbers under the USB connector were used TWICE, for two different things- and note they were used in two different ways as well.

    Let me know if you still don't get the hidden website.

    That is a pretty big hint for this stage. Assuming people get this stage, how long will it take for them to get the next stage?

    I am still looking on google to see if anyone has published the answers and a walk through. Having completed these puzzles, I know the answer, so asking google about what can be found in the answer should give me hits to pages that have a walk-through, if they link to the answer. So far, none have been published! Awesome! It is really cool to see people keeping this a secret. :-)

    I will abide by Chris' request to not publish the answer(s) and a walk-through, so the puzzles can be saved for other people to solve.

    If you have solved it, could you post a follow-up message here, to let other people know that you've done it?


    • Re: Welcome to the DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest

      It might just be me, but I wouldn't consider solving the puzzle actual badge hacking. The same numbers could be found on the defcon handout... I would consider badge hacking as simple as changing th code on the micro controller to be locked into continuous goatse transmission to soldering a tapehead and speaker to you badge so you can pass audio tape... Basically using any part of you badge to yield increased functionality. I would not consider zip-tying something to you badge as actual hacking... But thats just me


      • Re: Welcome to the DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest

        Originally posted by Andreas View Post
        I'm a tad bit disappointed that our efforts to reverse engineer the bootloader USB protocol, write a Linux software for flashing firmware via USB, and beat sdcc into compiling software for the target, giving a 100% non-Windows, non-CodeWarrior development solution, didn't even result in an honorable mention at the Ceremony.
        Sorry! There were lots of things I wanted to mention at the Closing Ceremonies, but just didn't have the time. However, your work is mentioned here (even though I forgot your names):