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Official amateur radio license exam notice

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    Re: Official amateur radio license exam notice

    I was the 7th VE that had to leave. I apologize for backing out of my commitment to the Ham test this year, but the Mystery Challenge was kicking my team square in the nuts (ya know, in that good way...) When I noticed that there were 6 VEs _BESIDES_ME_, I figured you folks would do fine without me. Though, now I'm sorry I didn't make it into the group photo. :-)

    18 new hams! That's fantastic! Also, when I mentioned to a number of people that there was a test going on, at least a few responded with "really? I didn't know that! I wish I had!" I'm not sure how we can get the word out more wide spread next year (and we certainly met the FCC's minimum requirement of public announcement as is evident by the 18 that did show up), but I'll bet we can get a lot more than 18 next year. Think forums, Twitter, official DC17 webpage, program, etc. This year was a sort of last minute plan. This time, we've got a whole year to get the word out. Could be a heck of a turn out. :-)