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    Just wanted to toss this out there. It should be preaching to the choir, but I'll say it. At DEFCON we are big on not taking photos without getting permission from people. At the shoot I'd say that goes double. Theres quite a few people out there that dont even want to be photographed at a range, let alone shooting a gun. In other cases, folks are fine with it.

    So, ask first, and let those that don't want to be pictured get out of the way.

    Also, I know some of you have uber bad ass cameras with macro lenses that can photograph a gnats cornhole, but please be considerate before photographing the serial numbers on peoples guns. I don't mind my picture getting taken, but thats been my one gripe at previous years shoots. I always get some guy who wants to take pictures of my guns at some ridiculous level to the point of getting serial numbers and such. Treat a firearms serial number like you would any other type of Personally Identifiable Information.

    I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me