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DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

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    Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

    dataworm and Alklloyd: I didn't see EITHER of you this year.. but next year you better show up IN MY FACE!

    Every single Defcon I don't see people I love...never's like a formula I can never understand. And other stuff happens...

    He Whose Name We Shall Not Speak looked at me and said "Hi Al K. Lloyd" and it took me 30 seconds to realize who it was. It had been six years though. PM me guy.

    B.O. I have two Dallas women and you will always be one of sorry I missed you. I saw Datawurm once or twice briefly, another person I didn't really get to talk with . And i'm always IN YOUR FACE...hopefully.


    DISCLAIMER: Mention of Datawurm may cause stomach upset. If you have an erection lasting more 4 hours, trust that Datawurm didn't cause it.
    "Are my pants...threatening you?"


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      Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

      Shout outs and YAYS:

      DT and GOONS: THANK YOU for hosting a super time and providing me with the only social life I may ever have in my sad geek life, you double plus roxor my world!!


      Flea, Queeg, Cap'n and all of You guys are my Happy Fun Club away from home!

      Siviak: The party that slid between the molecules, if only for a moment.

      OSVDB/Spider Party: Nice scenery at the bar, even if it was an exec or some kind of management suitguy, most memorable con eye contact.

      DanK / IOActive: Carnival Party - wild and creative, lots of eye candy for ADHD geek ;-)

      Barkode - down, but not out... ninja party will be back!

      Special shoutout to whoever "goatse'd" a kiosk at the Riviera... while it's probably the most offensive, disgusting, vulgar and nauseating defacement possible - it certainly does bring back "the days.... when we only had 14.4 modems and ..."

      BOOS and WTFs:

      Sunset (Veterinary??) Hospital - nobody comes to Vegas because they *want* to come to your freaking hospital in horrific agony. If you don't want to _care_ for the _ill_ then in the name of God, go into a field where you can ignore people and they won't die.

      Las Vegas Taxis: You *assholes*. When someone gets into your cab and says "we are going to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, take *this* route and no other" Your response should not be to throw the customer out of the cab because you realize you will not be able to rip them off. May you develop festering pustules on your anus and genitals you scum sucking sons of illiterate goat herders.

      Riviera Splash Bar - you want me to pay HOW MUCH for shitty 12 year old pre-pubescent scotch you miserable pedos and you won't even let us bring in our own *decent* booze to our rooms without a surcharge??

      Boo to the Riviera in general for breaking up our parties, for trying to break the spirit of our conference and and generally being clueless dicks.

      Finally, one last *boo* too the hookers who can't spell or consult a calendar and got lost at our con again. It's "hacker" not "hooker" so next time you come looking to score some money off the guys at DefCon, please remember, these guys usually get laid for free because women *like* them, they're nice men and they have women friends who will look out for them.

      Yeah Faye, I'm talking to you.
      That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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        Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

        geeze, enough on Faye all ready.

        Seriously, everyone... I end up starting this post nearly every year as a Positive thing, not the bullshit most of you all turned it into.
        DJ Jackalope
        dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

        send in the drop bears!