Someone asked what my setlist was (I'm horribly sorry, I can't remember your name but thanks for being 1 of the 4 people who actually showed up) and I said I'd post it in the forums, so... I'm posting it.

For those others who don't know who I am, I'm the dude in the tux on friday / green vegas visor every other day.

Here we go (This is to the best of my knowledge, i *think* this is the order I played things but I can''t really remember. I drank 8 beers during my set, and the last couple songs I think were there just as a delay for the guy after me.)

1) Regenerator - Blink (Rave in Black Mix) / (Defcon Noise's got what Spekulum Craves Mix)
2) Terrorfakt - Damage (C/A/T Remix)
3) Feindflug - Kalte Unschuld
4) Caustic - Kill AFI (They Started It)
5) Combichrist - The Kill (Instrumental Version)
6) Modulate - Skullfuck
7) Sonar - Tone Loc (Manufactura Remix)
8) C/A/T - Enhancer
9) Noisuf-X - Hit Me Hard
10) Manufactura - Die for Me (Ultimate Sacrifice Mix)
11) Soman - Body Stepper
12) Pneumatic Death - Infect (Rmx)
13) Grendel - Hate This (X-Fusion Remix)
14) Tumor - Come to Daddy
15) Kraftwerk - Radioactivity

That's about as well as I can remember it. Thanks guys!