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Anyone find the secret Defcon website?

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    Re: Anyone find the secret Defcon website?

    Originally posted by YenTheFirst View Post
    ok, at this point I think it's time for me to give up a bit. :-/. Is anyone willing to PM a hint?
    According to the above, Grifter was working on it. Jedi also mentioned it too.

    There were a few other people that claimed to be working on it as well.

    I know some people made it past the OO0 stage, but none of them said they got beyond the stage after the OO0.

    On the plus side, when asking google about the answer, I still find no references to any public web pages scraped by google that provide a walk-through to the answer. (I again asked it today.)

    The lack of responses from other people on this leaves me with a few likely reasons:
    1) Some people don't even know there was a puzzle to solve. (Ignorant)
    2) Some people don't care about solving the puzzle. (Unwilling)
    3) Some people have solved the puzzle, but have not come forward to let others know of their success. (Deceptive)
    4) Some people are incapable of solving the puzzle. (Unable)
    5) Some people don't have, or don't want to make time to solve the puzzle. (Priorities and life)

    I have promised to not reveal any more answers to this puzzle, but LoST might be a person to help with more clues. Maybe Grifter and Jedi have solutions to this, but are keeping quiet about it.

    (I can't be the only one, because the thought of that is unbelievable.)
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      Re: Anyone find the secret Defcon website?

      I know Cot did with a bit of brute force thinking...
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        Re: Anyone find the secret Defcon website?

        1. It can be solved with a bit of thinking.

        2. It has been solved by several people.

        Let me know if you are still stuck, and/or still interested in this.



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          Re: Anyone find the secret Defcon website?

          Hmmm... the whole thing remind me of a few year ago been invited to a private "hacker convention" sharing of vulnerabilities, everyone shares but nobody knows who is behind the curtains :) Mystery... Holding back your assets and learning about the others before every move. Almost like an outsider game, not much of team playing :)
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