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DC210 Group Meeting

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  • DC210 Group Meeting

    Finally getting this thing off the ground..
    A meeting is scheduled for
    Tuesday October 21st 7:00pm at Vietnam Gardens
    located at the intersection of Jackson Keller & Blanco Rd. 1.3 miles inside loop 410

    We have been offered the party room, so we should have plenty room,
    we are separated from the restaurant, and also have electrical outlets.

    This will be a meeting to organize upcoming meetings, some material
    may be presented, but for the most part it will be a meet and greet,
    a test of the location, get a feel for the community and whos interested,
    & to discuss some projects and topics to work on and present at future

    This has been a long time coming. There seems to be increased interest lately..

    info [at] for more info.