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Data Leak Prevention

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    Re: Data Leak Prevention

    Originally posted by xor View Post
    Here's the thread I was looking for.

    Los Alamos at work protecting our Nuclear secrets.

    Actually when I first heard of the practice I thought it was kind of an IT urban myth.
    Fascinating. Having spent time using epoxy to close various ports on PCs, I'm rather amazed that someone chose to use super glue. It seems that the fumes would have the potential to be damaging to operating parts, for one thing. Yes, epoxy is common practice.

    > As long as you don't want the USB ports to ever be used again, just fill
    > the USB ports with epoxy. 100% guaranteed to stop USB attack vectors and
    > prevents siphoning of corporate data to USB drives. It also works well
    > to prevent use of the USB headers that are internally available in
    > desktop PC motherboards - Wrap the header in a circle of paper to hold
    > the epoxy in place and then pour the epoxy into the ring.
    Seriously, for computers that supported it, all drives (except the disks, obviously) were disabled via software, and enabled only if needed, and only by specific personnel that had the responsibility to do so. USB keys were not allowed in any case (yes, I know they're small, and I know someone could indeed defy the rules). Not every classified installation is Los Alamos; most people want to do the right thing.


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      Re: Data Leak Prevention

      You all have given me a lot to consider and think about. The problem with trying to put the info on disk is size. We are talking about terabytes in size. I have contacted McAfee and Symantic and I am waiting on them to send me some information. I am also looking at different encryption methods that will work for both our remote users and our office based people. Thank you one and all for the info you have provided. I look forward to learning more from this group.