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Delta uses Linux

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  • converge
    Re: Delta uses Linux

    I have similar photos from an NWA flight back at the beginning of this year... iirc it was the leg between US and Amsterdam, but it may have been between Amsterdam and Hyderabad.

    Reproduction wasn't entirely solid, but absolutely doable. I'm guessing that most airlines probably use the same company for its entertainment systems and hence the common embedded platform.

    The menu structure was extremely flawed, often unresponsive to the interface or awkwardly bugged based on _normal_ interface usage .. it just gets fun if you have imagination :) The bootup behavior you pictured also presents itself if the flight cycles its power to those systems .. something duly noted.

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  • Lincoln
    started a topic Delta uses Linux

    Delta uses Linux

    Unfortunately I was not able to re-create the "exploit" of selecting multiple music channels at the same time. Still pretty cool though.

    Picture is small because of bad camera phone