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ShakaCon & SeaCure - two cons in paradise

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  • ShakaCon & SeaCure - two cons in paradise

    I'm hoping that there's nothing gauche about posting notices concerning other cons here on the forums. We've had threads in the past about upcoming events like ShmooCon and ToorCon, and historically DT has been pretty cool about crews from other events handing out fliers or business cards to people during DEFCON, so i'm hoping it's ok with all parties if i post this here.

    Just wanted to mention (perhaps it's timely given the grip that winter has on the majority of us) that there are two really amazing conferences which take place in idyllic, paradise-like conditions (yeah, Vegas is one type of paradise, it could be said) during the summertime before DEFCON rolls around. Both of them have recently updated their web sites and opened up their CFP for anyone who is interested.


    Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Dates: June 11-12, 2009
    CFP link


    Location: Sardinia, off the coast of Italy
    Dates: May 19-22, 2009
    CFP link

    as can be seen in this photo album here, ShakaCon in Hawaii is a total blast. The conference itself is wickedly laid back. Hell, we setup a fully-stocked tropical drinks bar in the lockpick village...

    and then we spent the entire week just tooling around the island in limos...

    walking on beaches...

    visiting Pearl Harbor...

    and being constantly taken out to bars by the locals...

    Attending DEFCON is an absolute given for the year. Likewise with either ShmooCon or ToorCon depending on what side of the country your home is (or both if you're wicked badass leet). What you do with the rest of your free time or your company's training dollars is your own call. Why not spend it wisely by giving yourself some rays of sunshine?

    Of course, since our crowd here has wicked skills and talent, folks could always try submitting to either CFP and getting a free fucking trip to paradise. I've done it both ways before, and i can strongly recommend option #2.
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    Re: ShakaCon & SeaCure - two cons in paradise

    Originally posted by Deviant Ollam View Post
    I'm hoping that there's nothing gauche about posting notices concerning other cons here on the forums. ...
    This is what this section is for with "Local Meetings & Other Events."

    This is totally for defcon-like event announcements and notices.

    We've even had cross-con events get organized through the forums, like SushiCon and ShmooShiCon (organized by GodMinus1) in the SushiCon space. (He did ask about this before planning to double-use the forums for both con sub-events, but that is because it was outside of the Local Meetings & Other events.)