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  • XBox key found

    the research:

    what was most interesting was that, of all things, Microsoft didn't encrypt the key... all it took was a hardware sniff, and bang..
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    Re: XBox key found

    Originally posted by c0nv3r9
    ....all it took was a hardware sniff, and bang..
    Ignoring the fact that the student is working on his doctorial thesis, probably working on this almost full time, and it took him three weeks...... While I wouldn't defend MS for their security, especially in this case, they aren't completely to blame, as the hardware implementation was outsourced. Plus it took him three weeks to crack it. The reality is that given enough time, brainpower, and electronic power no code is safe. Every code we have today will probably be broken by someone in the next 20 years if it hasn't been done already.

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      Hardware protection trivia

      If anyone would like to see an interesting protection device, do some research into Atari's Slapstic (yes, that is the correct spelling). Almost twenty years after its introduction there are still variants of it floating around that aren't understood.