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  • This Forum Space: Defcon Orientation/Newbie Track/Surviving Defcon/.*

    Ah! So you have found this new forum under contests and events.

    The thread that started this idea is here.

    This forum is not for newbie, people new to Defcon or people new to hacking.

    This is explicitly for the *planning* of a pre-Defcon orientation-like event lead by people with Defcon Experience(TM) that want to help inform people new to Defcon about the many pleasures, risks, fun, and excitement that Defcon has to offer them.

    The mods discussed a forum that would be for people new to Defcon to ask questions, or whatnot, but it was flatly denied due to the opposite of support for it. If this section starts to become such a forum, I have no problems closing it.

    The title of this forum may change, but the link to it for Defcon 17 will remain as it is.

    The description for this forum may change, and links may be added.

    For now, both the title and description are place-holders.

    Lastly, it is possible that the planning for this event will take place entirely off the forums on a mailing list, with announcements made through another website. If that is the case, the description will likely be updated to reference these.

    This link might be added to the description:

    Good luck leaders/organizers of this event!
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