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Call for Monkey Butlers

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    Re: Call for Monkey Butlers

    Originally posted by faye View Post
    Ooh. Stocking panels with fresh water and stuff. I used to do stuff like that for conventions. Its not easy when you have panels with limited time in between.

    I suggest having a "water station" with supplies on it near the show rooms set it up with pitchers full of ice, and make sure you have plenty of those nice drinking glasses on there. However, make sure its out of public reach, because thirsty con-goers will be your worst enemy if they see it. Hotel staff will usually accommodate you and set one up in service or back areas if you ask nicely...just make sure you ask far enough in advance and make sure its restocked well before you run out of glasses as it can sometimes be slow to get them to do what you need them to.

    And dont worry, I know better than to try and apply to be a helper. I know Im on auto reject. ~.^
    Actually Faye, you are not on auto-reject. However, you cannot apply to butle at DC101 because if you note HighWiz's post, the one right before yours, he stated that the MB application process is closed. Thank you for your interest though, and welcome back to the forums.


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      Re: Call for Monkey Butlers

      valkyrie, the official DC101 Monkey Butler Wrangler....

      Can you fit that on a t-shirt? :D


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        Re: Call for Monkey Butlers

        Well if THATS the only thing stopping me from monkey bulter-ism, then I guess this is me putting up to be an alternate, and I will see you when one of the four turns up with a hangover. ^.^

        Just kidding, I know they'll all show. I can tell by the year they signed up for dc forums that they take their stuff seriously. However if something should unexpectedly turn up, as it sometimes does, you'll know where to find me.
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          Re: Call for Monkey Butlers

          So I get to be a MB, right?

          Please say it is so....