You ever have one of those days where you get so engrossed in a project that you sort of neglect eating, sleeping, sex, etc? Yeah, me neither... but i did forgo most of my sleep tonight when, in spite of being wickedly tired, my body just kept cranking out HTML for hours.

The Gringo Warrior section of my web site has been pretty bare for a long time. I didn't even have a link to it on the main page. Well, that's all changed now. All the past content, the scores, the videos, the summaries, etc etc etc. is all online now.

So, if you participated in a run of Gringo that was filmed, check it out and show your friends! If your attempt was filmed by someone other than me, point me towards a video of it online and i'm happy to link to it. If we somehow accidentally filmed you when you did not want to be filmed, please let me know so i can pull the video down.

I'm looking forward to bringing this back again at DEFCON 17 and have been really happy to take more and more steps towards buffing up the overall appearance and reputation of the game in order to ensure that it is included among the "Official Events" with a Black Badge this year. That was the plan last time, but a miscommunication fouled us up in the end.

I hope to see all of you stopping by the Gringo area this summer, if not to participate then at least to cheer on (or heckle) your friends.