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Disk Encryption Vulnerability

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  • Disk Encryption Vulnerability

    Please note that this is not intended to be instructions on how to do it

    I came across this recently...

    "A Princeton University team found a way to recover encryption keys from the RAM
    by taking a can of "compressed air",turning it upside down, and spraying the
    refrigirant inside of the can all over the RAM module, cooling it to -50C. The data
    on the RAM module remained 99.9% intact for 60 seconds without power. Then, the
    Princeton University Team used liquid nitrogen in place of the "compressed air".
    the data only lost 0.17% of its original data after only 1 hour of being stored in
    the liquid nitrogen. This attack supposedly works against FileVault, BitLocker,
    and TrueCrypt."
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    Re: Disk Encryption Vulnerability

    And the fact that we all knew this attack (cold boot attack) almost a year ago.

    Might want to research things before posting
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      Re: Disk Encryption Vulnerability

      thanks for the advice...
      i dont use hackaday as often as i used to.