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    I'm aware that ride share does not open for a while, but there is a time-sensitive opportunity that may not be available at a later date that I wanted to express. I belong to a club that is a subset of a specific university on the east coast, and because we have not used our funding(allocation) for the past four years, we're way under budget and have been given extra permissions regarding what we can do with our allocation. That being said, we're putting together a DEFCON trip and attempting to get as much funding as possible from the school.
    How this applies to the community is that the school has expressed willingness to do the following:

    1. If a bus is chartered, and all seats are not filled by students the remaining seats will be available at significantly reduced cost(if not free)
    2. Similar idea as 1, but as it applies to group fares on plane tickets.
    3. Anyone who is interested in expressing their qualification to accompany students on this trip may also get reduced fare etc.
    4. The bus/plane idea is also applicable to hotel seating.

    I would need information ASAP, end of june at the latest. We currently have two prospective faculty members going (both from the college of IST, we're trying to get an EE prof to accompany as well) so going would also grant full access to pick their brains, so to speak.

    The trip would be leaving eastern Pennsylvania as early as the 28th(late as the 30th), the return trip would be on the 3rd(possibly the 2nd or fourth, depending on the decisions made).

    The current state of signups is such that we do not have enough to charter a bus, so plane tickets seem the most likely solution. PM me for details, the most preferable contact information for details regarding the trip would be e-mail - The minimum information I need to put someone on the list is a first name and e-mail contact.

    Hope this finds you all well, and I hope some of you are local enough to take advantage of this.