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Attempted DJ/ CTF integration/infiltration

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  • Attempted DJ/ CTF integration/infiltration

    Hello all!

    I work with (major breaks music web-radio station - that broadcasts from places like Glade festival in the UK, WMC in Miami, and DefCon as of last year). I have a team of DJs from the station who are salivating to broadcast and DJ more from DefCon this year (last year we just did the wi-fi lounge, which went well - but wasn't enough!).

    Anyways - I was just brainstorming ways that the DJs might be able to get involved with CTF - providing music for some of the time, or perhaps in much more creative ways? Surbo from i-hacked threw out the idea of somehow assigning DJs to teams and having DJs battle it out based on how well the teams are doing.


    1. Would the organizers be down to let us get involved?
    2. Anyone have any nifty ideas?
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