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Breathalyzer source code deemed crap

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  • Breathalyzer source code deemed crap

    Interesting read as to the kind of issues in use in these types of machines
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    Re: Breathalyzer source code deemed crap

    I can only imagine how many other pieces of software that can destroy your liberties haven't been coded correctly.
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      Re: Breathalyzer source code deemed crap

      Law enforcement has stopped using them around here, not because of source code bugs, but because it is far too easy to convince juries that the machine can't be trusted. People don't know how to stack margins of error so most assume that the multiple layers of abstraction between blood alcohol level and measured breath alcohol level result in a wildy inaccurate result.

      That being said, I would dismiss most of their complaints about the code. I wouldn't trust the code any more, for example, if the software designer were an ISO 9001 corporation.

      The lack of positive feedback from hardware systems and the decision to discard baseline measurements that seem invalid have very scary implications. Plus, 3-bit results? As an engineer, I'm offended.

      Still, it's cute that the old version was an Atari and the company has recently upgraded to Windows.