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    --Three US Cyber Challenges To Be Announced May 29
    This story won't come out until a week from Friday when three national
    cyber games will be announced at a Center for Strategic and
    International Studies (CSIS) luncheon. The competitions are part of a
    huge talent search and talent development program to find and nurture
    the young people who have the skills to become the next generation of
    great security professionals) We are telling you about it early because
    we need your help. One of the three competitions is a very cool capture
    the flag game in several layers. But we are trying to agree on a name
    for the SANS competition. Please pick the one, two or three you like
    best and send them back to Thanks in advance.

    SANS Netwars
    SANS War Games
    SANS NetAttack Games
    SANS King of the Hill Challenge
    SANS Security Challenge
    SANS InfoSec Challenge
    SANS Challenge Net
    SANS Security Warrior Competition
    SANS Capture the Flag Student Tournament
    SANS War Game Challenge
    SANS War Games Challenge
    SANS InfoSec Faceoff

    Maybe if they didn't charge an arm and a couple of legs for their training more people would take it. How bout SAN's rips off Defcon?

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    Re: SAN's Challenge

    I tried to go to a SANS training here in Florida, but it just costs too damn much. For the course I wanted to take, I was looking at upwards of $5000. Work wouldn't pay for it. Its too bad.
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