The people who've been helping good people kill bad people since 1993 has embraced Twitter (for some ungodly reason). Figured I'd pass it along since Kel and Doc actually came to DEFCON a few years back and more than a few of us own their products.

Log on to the interbent and find them

And there may be the possibility of scoring some deals too..from Kel:

Originally posted by Some jerk at Gemtech
We've been doing some spring cleaning, inventoring, and moving the vault
stuff, and keeping with the theme, we're going to have a garage sale.
There's a lot of used LE and MIL demo cans we have no need for, new stuff we
don't know why it's there, crapped out cosmetic blems that are perfect
inside/functionally, and probably some things useful to someone.

Over the next couple weeks, we'll tweet what we come across and try to get
rid of some of these silencers and whatnot... do a first-come-first-serve
thing at garage sale prices.

Just a heads up to you internet twitterers.