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is there any Defcon like meetings in FL

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  • is there any Defcon like meetings in FL

    I live in Florida and i cant get to L.A for the meeting so is there any Defcon type thing in Florida

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    defcon is in Las Vegas

    there are different cons around the country and globe h2k2 is in new york that's a little closer not sure of any cons in florida as of yet but hey you could always start one. It might one day be one to draw a few folks out maybe a Defcon east for the winter?
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      Heh..florida had a con last year. Its keynote speaker was none other than her royal dorkiness Carolyn P. Meiniel, so I'd say the rest of Florida has got it all wrong. You'll probably have to head out of state for anything remotely intelligent. Theres H2K2B2C3 in NY this summer, and Phreaknic in Atlanta (you just missed it tho, was a few months ago). And while you're out of state, find a place to live and never return to Florida, you'll be a lot happier in the long run (lord knows I am).

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        I've heard a lot of people worship her and sense a general camp that thinks she's full of shit... what's the deal?
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          She's full of shit. I never judge people by heresay, so I don't expect you to. But pick up one of her books and you'll see what I mean. She seems to have a great dislike for some good friends of mine too, actually published something kind of jacked about them too. Insinuations of ties to kiddie porn. She said she didn't mean it, but, it was just too convenient.
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            Ahh....CPM...well...the "P" does stand for Psycho!
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              I've read the "mostly harmless guide.." a decent while back, and that was quite the rounding out of basics, with as much info being more easily read in something like the hacker's handbook. From it I got the sense that she likes deifying herself through her writing, drilling in fear of feds, and nocking a large group of otherwise growing hackers into the script kiddie category... but maybe that was just a wrong impression, or not?
              if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                Check out phreaknic:


                I don't know what it's going to be like this year. Last year it kicked ass. Of course, Jonny X was running it back then to a degree. In any case, Phreaknic was in Tennessee was in last year, was a lot smaller than DefCon, had a little less "class" than DefCon, involved more (!) alcohol, I bet. That said, I had a great time and met a lot of good folks there.

                So, that one might be more your budget if you can ride with someone and share hotel costs.

                Not quite DefCon, but still fun none-the-less.


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                  Originally posted by froggy
                  had a little less "class" than DefCon
                  Damn, and we almost had a toga party...


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                    Scary, isn't it?