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What songs would you put on the "ultimate hacker MUSIC cd" ?

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    I should have said gothic LOOK...sorry! I guess the con has no budget for entertainment, it's a volunteer gig?


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      Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ?

      Originally posted by bikinigurl
      mmmm nimoy....
      Check this out:



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        a cd to hack by

        on the perfect hacking cd i would love to see some KMFDM.


        I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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          For The Subject

          Ok heres my Track listing.

          1. Clint Mansell - 2Pi (Theme song for the Movie Pi)
          2. Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Dont know why good song tho)
          3. LTJ Bukem - Demons Theme (Good Ambient Dnb track)
          4. Clint Mansell - We have the gun (From the movie Pi)
          5. Sacrifice - The World is made of spirals (one of my new songs)
          6. Black Dice - Things will never be the same (good random noise)
          7. Unter Null - Im more hardcore than you (fav. noise track)
          8. Noisex - Sweet Rowdy (Good DnB track)
          9. XPQ-21 - White and Alive (Trippy Synth Line)
          10. Atari Teenage Riot - Into the Death (Hardcore Stuff)
          11. Alec Empire - Hard Like its a Pose (Fav Digi. Hardcore Track)
          12. Tweaker - My Linolium (Tweaker=Chris Vrenna=NIN)
          13. Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Wonderfly put together track)
          14. Zeromancer - Dr. Online (One of my Favorite tracks)
          15. Orgy - Social Enemies (First Orgy Track I ever heard. Good)

          Thats all I would want on mine. Took me to long to think of them. Pretty spread out with the genres...Drum N Bass..Noise..Gabber..Cyber Rock...Digital Hardcore..industrial.
          ~~Your right im confused...I am Scared your right but you know i just....i think your the fucking antichrist~~


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            just another piece of posting advice, try and check the last date of when someting was last posted ... you posted this in the pre-defcon 10 forum... which no one will probably see... the last time someone touched this thread before you was july 2002... :/


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              No Way! This is an SE trick. The next thing you know "original poster A" will infiltrate your brain with a new name and try to fit in.

              NewNameA: Oh I just LOVEEEE heavy ultra-mega-death-screetch-owl music. What co winky dink. We have SOOO much in common. Now I know all your music.

              OnlinePerson: WoW! Really, heres all my secrets and my real name and blah blah blah...

              NewNameA: Would you like to go out? I have a nice federal pen 4 u. We can be close buddies. Wink Wink;) ;)

              Its a conspiracy I TELL YOU, a Conspiracy.....

              PEZZ PLUGS HER EARS..."la la la la...I cant hear you" la la la la....


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                Yea i didn't see the date it was created so i just posted something...gotta start watching for that more.
                ~~Your right im confused...I am Scared your right but you know i just....i think your the fucking antichrist~~


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                  Originally posted by starlapureheart
                  Sailor Moon - Moon Revenge

                  WTF?! why in the world would you listen to that?!