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Calling all 801 folks

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  • Calling all 801 folks

    Hello all of you crazy Utah/SLC/801 folks. I am currently looking for a ride to and from LV for a dear friend of mine. If you are driving and have room for one cute blue haired girl, please let me know ASAP. She is quite nice and somewhat quiet. Some of you may know her in fact :) We are looking on getting her there sometime thursday afternoon so there is fun TBBQ action. And to get her home sometime monday so poolcon can be had. She can chip in for gas money, and enjoys almost all music. She does not smoke cigarettes, but isn't bothered by people who do.

    If you find yourself with an extra seat and wanting good company, please shoot me an email or PM.

    amber at thearistocrats dot org

    This lovely lady is of vital importance to our party scheme this year. Sadly I dont think I can fly her out, but worse comes to worse i may just have to shove her in my carry on.

    So if you have room in your car/heart, please get ahold of me. I know its early, but this is important!

    Thanks again!
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    Re: Calling all 801 folks

    Looks like we are all set for my lovely friend.

    DefCon AHOY!
    Your Friendly Aristocrat Bartender