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  • Have I got a project for you

    So, who remembers my DC16 talk? I don't, but that doesn't matter.

    Apparently during the talk I mentioned my interest in obtaining a certain wireless device with immense possibilities for hacking and a stupid amount of innuendo. Not wanting or able to put out the money myself, I put out the call for random people to provide said device to me and the community to make the point that some things just should not be made wireless. - NSFW

    Well, fast forward a year and a gentleman by the name of Asshat (not kidding) has stepped forward and ordered the device in question (I don't want to know either) and is supposed to be bringing it to con and, as I do, wants to see it hacked to do things that it was never meant to do.

    A couple things;

    Is there a proper way to book some time in the HHV if this arrives in time to have a hack session?

    A Sony Erricson K series phone is required for 'normal' operation and neither myself nor Asshat have one. Please someone bring one.

    If you are into or capable of Bluetooth sniffing, bring your gear, we'll need it.

    I leave the rest to you, the perverted masses, to see what you can do and see if there is any security in the field of teledildonics while assuring my place in the 7th layer of hell.

    Again, this depends on shipping schedules and things beyond my control, but I think through sheer force of will, it will happen. Oh yes, it will happen.
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    Re: Have I got a project for you

    Render let me know and I'll make sure you have time...



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      Re: Have I got a project for you

      Render, we've anxiously awaited the coming of the teledildonic hack. No pun intended.

      If a chicken and a half, can lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half... how long would it take a monkey, with a wooden leg, to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?


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        Re: Have I got a project for you

        Until I see the device on site I won't be certain this will happen, but I figured I would make the announcement anyways so that those interested could make sure to bring their gear, and most importantly, the cell phone.

        Once Asshat gets it, he's going to pass on the electronic version of the manual to me and I'll post it somewhere (even the manual should be interesting in and of itself).

        Lost: Not sure about my timing due to your damn contest and speaking, but we'll work something out on site.
        Never drink anything larger than your head!


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          Re: Have I got a project for you

          With so many conflicting schedules and so much going on the scheduling for presentations in the HHV will be rather fluid. Russ and I talked about a white board or a flip chart where people can schedule a block of time once the conference is under way.

          If anyone has a time in mind now that they would like to reserve send me a PM via the forum or email anyone connected with the HHV and they will get it onto the list as best as we can. If it doesn't happen come find one of us in the HHV and we will get you setup.