What: The Podcaster's Meetup is a LIVE broadcast podcast that includes a panel of all the security podcasters present. Its an event for listeners to meet podcasters and podcasters to meetup with their listeners. Bloggers, coders, hackers, geeks, everyone is welcome to the event, and if you want to be on the show, that just might happen as well.

When: Saturday starting at 8pm. The Pauldotcom & I-Hacked crews will be kicking a party off as soon as the podcast is over.. If you are inside for the show, you dont have to get past the bouncers!


* @ DEFCON - Skybox 207 and 208 (Thanks to the crew once again!)
* LIVE on USTREAMembeddedon the website.

So far we have confirmed being there:
  • Security Justice
  • PaulDotCom
  • Exotic Liability
  • Securabit
  • SMB Minute
  • GRM n00bs
  • Network Security Podcaset with Martin Mckeay
  • Internet Storm Center Podcast

Looks like the Sponsors want to make the crowd happy with some crazy prizes.. Check the blog site for more info.. But there is some great stuff going to be given away!