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--Study Says Government Facing Shortage of Cyber Security Talent
(July 22 & 23, 2009)
Although President Obama has called the threat of cyber attacks "one of
the most serious economic and national security challenges," the
government is likely to be facing a shortage of well-qualified cyber
security specialists, according to a study from the Partnership for
Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton. The report lists "four primary
challenges" facing the government: an insufficient supply of talent; the
decentralized culture of the government regarding human resources; a
"cumbersome hiring process" that discourages talented potential
applicants; and "a disconnect between front-line hiring managers and
government HR specialists" regarding what constitutes a well-qualified
cyber security professional. The report offers recommendations for
agencies and for the administration and Congress to help overcome these
[Editor's Note (Northcutt): I think this is worth reading, but it is not
ground breaking. The most interesting thing is the ratio of contractors
to government people with IT skills. I have been spending a lot of time
at DoD sites and have met a lot of people who previously were
contractors and have recently converted to government employment. ]