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    We are meeting between 06:30 and 06:45 in the rear lobby area of the Riviera... the space used during the daytime for DEFCON reg.

    We are leaving at 07:00 sharp to go to Lovell Group Camp Site

    That location can be mapped at... 36 05'41.24"N 115 33'55.64"W

    I will have all the shirts with me. If you pre-ordered before the deadline, your cost is $10. If you were a late order, your cost is $20. We were able to almost totally accommodate everyone, being short just one large. (so if a person who wanted an XL can take a 2XL and if a person who wanted a L can take an XL we're golden... or i can just ship the last fellow's large later one)

    If you arrive in the rear lobby and no one is there and it's not 07:00 yet, you are in the wrong place. If you arrive in the rear lobby and no one is there and it's after 07:00 then you missed the caravan. But i will leave a sign posted as usual with all the details. Photo the sign to plan your route (and if you post the photo online, think about blurring my number)

    See you all tomorrow bright and early!
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