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Kingpin t-shirts taken from vendor area

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    Re: Kingpin t-shirts taken from vendor area

    Originally posted by Kingpin View Post
    That's funny, because my items were taken DURING closing ceremonies and if you had read this whole thread, you would have seen me mention that in my FIRST post. I returned to the Vendor Area immediately after the closing ceremonies and almost all the booths were broken down. I have already been told by Roamer that there was confusion as to when the Vendor Area was really closing. Maybe they didn't read your FAQ.

    Just to clarify....

    When I did the FAQ the plan was to stay open until 1 hour after closing ceremonies.
    On Sunday morning Zac came to me and said he wanted me to close at 3. My understanding of the reason behind that is that the hotel had another con starting and was nervous we wouldn't get out of the room in time for the next folks to start setting up. Again, that's just my understanding so if someone has credible info contradiciting that please feel free to let me know.

    I compromised with Zac and we kept the Vendor Area open unitl 4 PM. We went around to the tables and let everyone know that we'd be closing at 4.

    I have already talked to Zac and DT about this mix up and it won't happen again.
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