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  • Many Thanks

    Thanks again to everyone that came to the Toxic BBQ, this year was our best BBQ yet.

    Special thanks to everyone that donated food, money, drinks, and supplies without everyone support there wouldn’t be a BBQ. I meet a lot of awesome people this year that came to the BBQ for their first time and said they can’t wait to come back for next year. Thanks to GM my Toxic BBQ partner in crime, JD for help with the Park, Syntax for the shirts and website, ShmooCon for their contribution to the BBQ, the titanium chief teams that although were not competing but were happy to share with everyone, to everyone that came up to me offering to go get more food, to everyone that waited patiently in line, and thanks to everyone that threw money in the box. With the money that we raised I have already secured our spot at the park and our food for next year.

    So you may have noted that before I went on stage to talk about the BBQ at closing ceremonies they had mentioned that they were going to try and bring the BBQ closer to the hotel. I was unaware that there was any discussion about this and have no intention of brining it closer. The park that we use now is fantastic and we have a great history with them. I completely understand why we would want to move the BBQ closer but the parks that are near the hotel either do not have the space or are impromptu homeless shelters.

    Never the less I am working on a solution to help make the BBQ more accessible to everyone. I am currently in negotiation with a possible shuttle company so look to future posts the closer we get to next con for more information on how this may work.

    Again thanks to everyone I love putting together the BBQ and can’t wait to do it again next year.
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    Re: Many Thanks

    Thank your for bbqing until you almost fell over. The food was great, the social company was awesome, and it was a lot of fun.
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