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[forked: oldcopy] Rides and room sharing is open

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  • [forked: oldcopy] Rides and room sharing is open

    We are close enough to the 2 month mark that, "Rides and Room Sharing," is now open for business. You have a room and you want to share, rent/sub-lease space? You can post an offer here. You looking for space in a room? Make a request here. You have space in your vehicle you want to share for people or stuff? Make an offer here. You looking to have yourself or stuff sent to Defcon, make a request here.

    All Threads from last year should now be closed to prevent users silly enough to reply to old offers from replying to old offers.

    Want to make a wireless network in your caravan? Read this first.

    Like all other forums on the Defcon Forums, the rules apply here too.

    Your best bet in finding a ride, or room sharing is actually found by attending your local Defcon User Group, getting to know people in person, who then may give you space in their room.
    Trying to hook up with people on the Defcon Forums is a tricky thing.

    Generally, strangers won't offer other strangers space in their room. People will want some sort of references-- someone both parties know and trust to vouch for you.

    The Unofficial Defcon Faq was written by many, and assembled by HighWizard. It has some outdated information for when the convention was at the Alexis Park but also has some useful information about room sharing, and life at Defcon.

    Good luck.

    [This subforum will close again, shortly after Defcon. It opens again for use about 2 months before Defcon.]

    People were having trouble finding this, when it was located in the Contests and Events forum. It has been moved to be seen at the top level.

    Lurkers can post new threads here, and reply to existing threads.
    New users can posts threads and replies to existing threads.

    As you may know, the contest/event area allows lurkers to reply to existing threads.

    When Defcon is over, this will be closed up again, and put back into the Contests and Events forum.

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    If you are looking for a ride, sharing a ride, looking for bunk-space, or offering to share bunk-space, you'll find the following helpful:

    1) Include the best method of contact. Forum PM? Reply with post? Include an e-mail address and request e-mail? (If you choose PM or reply-in-forum, then consider "subscribing to the thread" so you get e-mail notices for each new reply since your last visit. If PM, then consider altering your UserCP so you get email notices when you get a new PM.)
    2) What are your dates of travel, or room-time? Wed-Sun? only Saturday? If driving, time and location for pickup should be considered.
    3) Any requirements: Smokers/Smoking in room/car? Drinking? Room rules? Cost in dollars/trades? Reference from someone you know? Minimum age? 18 or over? 21 or over? Male/Female? Sexual orientation? Will room-keys be offered?
    4) Is the room space a bed? couch? floor? bath tub? Is the car space for one human? How much baggage do you have, or have room to let others use?
    5) What kind of car with #seat/#passengers? Which hotel? What kinds of room?

    Good luck!


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      Re: Rides and room sharing is open.

      I'm going to be gone for a while, and about 2 weeks from now marks the 2 months before the week of Defcon (and all pre-con events)

      Opening up rides and room sharing now.


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        Re: Rides and room sharing is open.

        It's here, it's here!


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          Re: Rides and room sharing is open.

          Originally posted by TheCotMan View Post
          Want to make a wireless network in your caravan? Read this first.
          I say it'll come up anyway. Never fails...
          "You have cubed asscheeks?"... "Do you not?"