This is a pair of Steam Turbines manufactured by Areva corporation and shipped in from France for the TMI nuclear power plant. To get to the plant, they have to travel 70 miles over land as they cannot be flown in on the Antonov because there's no place for it to land. They're too wide for rail lines and the Susquehanna has too many damn dams for them to take them up the river.

They've been traveling on back roads in my area now for about 3 weeks and today they crossed nearby one of our properties, so a bunch of us were down to watch them cross a really old stone bridge.

Each unit total weight is 1.6million pounds, and there's two of them making the trip. It's really amazing to watch these guys work winding these things through these back roads that even tractor trailers have a tough time navigating.

So far they've made the trip with only one minor incident which was a hydraulic failure on one of the trucks. They fixed it quickly and continued on with the trip.

Just wanted to share.