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Gringo Warrior at ekoparty

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  • Gringo Warrior at ekoparty

    i'm still massively delinquent about getting my photos from recent cons up on the gallery at, so things from HAR and ekoparty still aren't there yet (and i just got back from HITB, so that will be a while as well... i hope to work on most of this on the plane ride to SeaCure in a few days) but if anyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Gringo Warrior as featured down in Argentina, check out this video.

    After Luciano's interview you can see him run the course (starts around 3:15 of that YouTube vid) and observe his impressive tactics of using totally home made tools (bent paperclips) to open lots of the medium and hard locks. while he didn't flip the bolt of the deadbolt at the second door (and we took off some points there) he managed to tackle almost all of the rest of the course in a great time and with cool, calm skill. he was one of our top finalists that time through.

    I'll keep working on the rest of the footage and get it up soon, i promise.
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