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Metasploit sold to Rapid7

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  • Metasploit sold to Rapid7

    First thoughts? I don't have much to put into this topic because I'm not yet at the point where I deem myself skilled enough to use Metasploit, but I'm skeptical for the future because every piece of training for security professionals at some point touches Metasploit.
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    Re: Metasploit sold to Rapid7

    HDM is making damn sure that things stay open source and free for the community

    I have no idea the internal agreements that are in place for that, but I know that HDM specifically doesn't want a repeat of nessus/tenable situation.
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      Re: Metasploit sold to Rapid7

      I would hope that Metasploit stays opensource. Nessus was one tool I loved until it was sold. Now it is just a pain in the rear (sorry if I offended any fanboys) but that is how I feel. I can understand the sell if it is to get more dev money/resources. God knows I want to see more cool f00 come from the metasploit tools/team.

      Please HD... make sure us poor security folks can still use metasploit, write our own exploit modules without having to sell a kidney to do so. I promise that when the zombie uprising happens... you can crash on my couch and eat all the food you want. Just keep metasploit opensource.

      Thanks... and now back to work.


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        Re: Metasploit sold to Rapid7

        Happy for HDM and Metasploit with a healthy dose of skepticism (hopefully misplaced).