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  • Need captures for example

    Just found myself invited to yet another conference. This time a local privacy summit with the usual privacy politicians in attendance sometime in early June.

    The crowd is into policy rather than technical meaning I need to 'dumb it down'. The organisers want me to do my usual scare-the-hell-out-of-them routine about inadvertent privacy leaks due to insecure protocols. I was thinking the usual live snarfing of data on site, but I prefer to have some canned demo's to cover my ass.

    I can cap my own and plan to at cons and other travels, but I want to get some more variety. I got some pcaps from Beakmyn , interesting stuff, but much was not in English making for less than stellar examples.

    Just wondering if over the next 6 months, as you are doing the voodoo that you all do, if you find some interesting examples of privacy leaks in your travels, can you save the captures and get them to me.

    For obvious reasons, all data will be scrubbed before being displayed (by you or me) and credit will be given (or not depending on your wishes). Ping me here or at render (at) renderlab (dot) net if you end up with something interesting.
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