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Getting Your Pentest Lab Legal

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  • Getting Your Pentest Lab Legal

    This is a repost, but with some new information: I hate advertising for Microsoft but $100 bucks is $100 bucks.|np:TNITE13

    New Subscription of Technet is 28% off until 3/31/2010, or until Microsoft has another sale.

    What are the differences you say between Technet and Actionpack subscriptions:

    I and many others here use these subscriptions to stay away from the errrr darkside. Plus warez os'es leave a lab with the chance of it being compromised. Any good researcher will tell you you should start with a good known sample.


    PS Rumor has it this is a 40% off coupon out there on the net, I guess I don't rate. There are also a lot of other great programs developers as well as sys admins can take advantage off.
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    Re: Getting Your Pentest Lab Legal

    people with .edu domain email addresses can usually get great discounts as well, I'm not sure what's out there at the moment but it's easily located on the m$ site. I saw one recently for win7 and office ultimate 2k7 for ~50 bucks each.
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      Re: Getting Your Pentest Lab Legal

      I have technet plus... It has come in really handy for testing all sorts of things. If you plan to rebuild the systems within 60 days, you don't have to validate the install. On top of the OS's you get Office and things like BizTalk, Commerce server, SQL Server etc. I hate giving M$ more $$, but I can practice and blow up systems, which is the intent, and I'm legal. On top of that you get the most of the OS's and server sw before the public by a couple of months (beta's etc quite a bit before the public). For me, it's think it's money well spent.
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