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  • bascule
    Re: hack request plztks

    I've continued to research this looking for a solution...

    I've discovered my best bet is to patch the BIOS and reflash it. The BIOS of this laptop is vendored by AMI, and last copyright 2005. Ugh. I've seen various solutions to this for Sony VAIOs with Phoenix BIOS, where you could dump, path, and reflash the BIOS completely with a vendor utility from Phoenix. So far I'm SOL for AMI vendor utilities for carrying this out but probing the intarwebs for help.

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  • bascule
    started a topic hack request plztks

    hack request plztks

    I've been given an Asus laptop from work. It seems they made the brilliant decision to ship laptops with Core 2 Duos that support hardware virtualization and not provide any BIOS option to flip it on. Which, uhh, sucks balls, considering I would like to run VMs on it.

    Wouldn't it be possible to add a little bit of assembly to something like grub to handle flipping on virtualization right after the system boots?

    As far as I can tell you:

    disable NX
    enable hardware VT (somehow?)

    I would seriously like to find some way to do this as otherwise this laptop is far less valuable to me...