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have you seen the new look Google is testing?

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  • have you seen the new look Google is testing?

    at first, i didn't know what to make of the phenomenon, since it would happen so rarely for me. nowadays, however, i see the "new" Google look more and more frequently and finally decided to look into this matter further. i had assumed correctly... they are experimenting with newer designs and feeding this HTML to random users. more news of this sort of experiment here and here.

    for those who have never seen this before, this is what a "standard" google results view looks like. i refer to this as the "proper" view...

    the new experimental view that i have started seeing a lot more of (which i refer to as the "stupid" view) looks like this...

    mostly, i dislike how it pushes all of the results further over to the right side of the page. my eye is used to looking directly on the left. if Google wants to add extra crap to the results page, fine... let it be a new column on the right where i don't have to bother with it. heh. or perhaps that will become something that people can customize.

    NOTE - since i surf with no cookies, cache, or history of any kind in firefox i can't rely on any sort of Google account to make the search engine behave the way i want it to (i.e. - non-censored results, no "predictive" search help, etc) but there is a fantastic plug-in called "Customize Google" that will do all of this for you and much, much more.
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    Re: have you seen the new look Google is testing?

    Category listings on the top and on the left... something about this bothers me. 2 sets of the same options literally right next to each other makes no sense to me, but I think I can see where they are going with this. it would seem they are attempting to mirror the account page of other Google services such as Gmail, Voice, and Wave. Kind of tying it all together... However, I agree with you, the "stupid view" is full of fail. I don't even want to imagine using that on my 12 inch notebook, let alone my 9 inch netbook... pure waste of browser real estate.
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      Re: have you seen the new look Google is testing?

      I remember seeing something like this a couple years ago, I think there was a URL trick you could use to force it to show. I'll have to go look it up.
      It could be an internal experiment that got out by accident. hmm.
      It's not stupid, it's advanced.