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oCTF 6: Major Changes for DefCon 18: To be run by TubeWarriors

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  • oCTF 6: Major Changes for DefCon 18: To be run by TubeWarriors

    After 5 years of running Open Capture the Flag, we have come to the decision that it is time to pass it along.
    It's been a good run, absolutely fascinating, and amazingly fun. We hope that everyone who has participated in our Open CTF has had as much fun as we have had running it.
    It's been a lot of work, more work than we have time for anymore. There's so many things that where put on the back burner to make the time for oCTF.
    We feel like now would be a good time to pursue these endeavors, and pass our contest to another group of passionate Hackers.

    Livindead contacted me a few weeks ago when he heard that we may not be running oCTF anymore.
    He asked if his group, who has participated in just about every oCTF, could take the reigns and give it a shot.
    Frankly, I can't think of any crew better to take over oCTF.
    If anyone has the drive and passion to keep the spirit we tried to instill in the contest, its these guys.

    Without ranting on much longer, I would like to formally and officially, announce that...

    The Tube Warriors are now officially in charge of every aspect of Open Capture the Flag.

    We will be available to them in a supporting role for this year, giving as much or as little help/advice/support as they request.
    This will be their first time undertaking a project of this size, and frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.
    When we started, we had no clue what we where getting into, and our first year was all but disastrous.

    Lets all welcome The Tube Warriors, and wish them luck in their new calling.

    C-P and all of DC-949

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    Re: oCTF 6: Major Changes for DefCon 18

    Thank you guys so much for your hard work running oCTF. I'm sad I didn't have the balls to participate when you guys were running things, but I'm glad to hear that TubeWarriors have your blessing and support. It should be a perfect oppourtunity for a fresh group of folks to start out in oCTF :)
    "As Arthur C Clarke puts it, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Here is my corollary: "Any sufficiently technical expert is indistinguishable from a witch"."


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      Re: oCTF 6: Major Changes for DefCon 18

      I'm not sure what I'm going to do at defcon with some much free time now.

      We're compiling a talk to give on our years behind oCTF, should be fun. maybe The Tube Warriors will have a moment from the chaos of oCTF and get to see it.


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        Re: oCTF 6: Major Changes for DefCon 18: To be run by TubeWarriors

        Thanks for you and your DCG and your hard work to create a contest open to so many people. I know you spent many hours running your own cables, and setting up tables before con. The number of people drawn to compete in your games year after year shows how popular it was.

        I am closing this thread so that there is no confusion if the new organizers choose to make announcements. I've also altered the thread topic to reference them as organizers so that is clear now too.